6. Utilising a comprehensive approach: supporting inter-agency initiatives & shaping incentives

Summary of recommendations

Support civilian anti-corruption initiatives such as task forces and dedicated courts. Where possible, help protect whistleblowers, investigators and prosecutors.

Work with others to utilise a comprehensive mixture of incentives and pressures that could limit opportunities and shape incentives for corrupt networks.

Introduction to key mitigation

In many cases, effective anti-corruption approaches require a combination of sticks, carrots and limits on opportunities that can breed corrupt practices. The armed forces are rarely able to achieve this combination by themselves; rather, they are likely to support civilian initiatives or to liaise with other agencies to help achieve overarching political-military goals.

Mixed civilian-military approaches can support a variety of measures and designs, but two examples stand out: one, helping implement key civilian initiatives, and two, combining military and civilian levers of pressure to limit opportunities and shape incentives for corruption.

Costs and benefits

Implementing comprehensive civilian-military initiatives frequently goes beyond narrowly understood civil-military cooperation. Rather, it requires a political-strategic approach capable of looking at overall goals that international actors wish to achieve, and of understanding how the different levers of power can fit into it and what they can achieve. This requires time, flexibility and willingness to invest in the analysis that can yield commonly accepted goals.

At the operational level, cooperating across organisational cultures is unlikely to be an easy task, especially as military processes are often not easily accessible to civilians and civilian planning and understanding of crises can follow different patterns. It is, however, possible and, given the potential benefits, worth the effort.

Constituent mitigations for:

6. Utilising a comprehensive approach: supporting inter-agency initiatives & shaping incentives

These constituent mitigations provide further guidance on effective anti-corruption mitigation measures for military operations.

6.1 Supporting civilian initiatives

Reforming and building the capacity of the judiciary can be crucial to any anti-corruption outcome

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6.2 Shaping incentives and limiting opportunities: a full spectrum

Denying corrupt individuals and networks opportunities to hide and use their ill-gotten gains can be an effective sanctioning mechanism.

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