Constituent Mitigations

8.1 Supporting security sector reform (SSR)

Comprehensive security sector reform is likely to be a joint endeavour involving civilian and military stakeholders, from government officials and military officers to donor and host nation parliamentarians and civil society organisations. Ideally, the design and implementation of security sector reform would be led by civilians and rooted in a political approach, with support from military officers. An SSR programme will simultaneously engage top decision makers in the host nation government and armed forces; attempt to build the competences and capacity of oversight bodies, from parliaments to audit institutions; and improve the relationships between the host nation military and the population it is meant to protect.

If present in the country, a peacekeeping or stabilisation operation can support an overall SSR programme by modelling good relations with civilians and demonstrating good integrity and transparency standards. International forces can often be seen as models of both integrity and efficiency, and can help set standards for partner forces.

Key Personnel

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