Constituent Mitigations

11.11 Tracking and monitoring for asset disposal

Establish procedures for divesting unnecessary assets that ensure they are tracked and do not enrich corrupt networks. Implement end user monitoring similar to that applied to security assistance programmes.

Asset disposal, usually at a point of mission transition or withdrawal, need to be tracked and monitored if key assets such as weapons and vehicles are to be kept away from malign groups. The asset disposal process needs to be carefully designed and implemented, with oversight of where assets go and arrangements for end-user monitoring similar to those implemented in security assistance projects.


Case Study: Making the system work: security assistance to Ukraine, 2014-2017

End-use monitoring: Ukraine

In the US, transfers of equipment related to security assistance are overseen through the Blue Lantern and Golden Sentry programmes, run by the State and Defense Departments respectively. Both programmes enable US personnel to verify, either through inventories or physical checks, that equipment passed to local forces through security assistance programmes is utilised and stored in accordance with previously agreed procedures. These programmes, which are normally used in the context of security assistance, could be adapted to track asset disposal as well.

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